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Synesthesia is a trait where information that comes into the brain through one sense automatically gets a response by another sense. It is involuntary, and functions as sort of a ‘bonus sense’. Examples include someone hearing music and seeing colors, tasting a flavor and seeing a shape, and many more combinations. Most people do not even realize what they have is different than other people, because they have no reason to think so- until someone points it out.

Synesthetes number approximately 1-4% of people in the world, depending on the type of synesthesia. That means you probably know a few- and they may not even know that they have this special trait!

Many Synesthetes naturally gravitate towards the Arts- to painting, music, perfumery, cooking, and other types.

Synesthesia is getting increasing amounts of interest and research, and I’m happy to share links here to some amazing and talented Synesthetes and to current research too. Keep reading to find out more!

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